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Is it the biggest small combo around? Or the smallest big band? Trad jazz fans discovering Beyond Salvation may debate that point, but there is no argument about the variety of hot jazz sounds this quintet can produce, all evoking the fun and excitement of the Roaring Twenties. The Beyond Salvation Jazz Band is an informal aggregation of five versatile musicians who play over 15 instruments (not counting kazoos and duck call). The possible combinations go on and on. There are hot dance numbers with three saxes wailing away, ragtime piano inter- ludes, south sea island songs, including a ukulele ensemble, and hot jazz in the style of Bix and his gang. Beyond Salvation’s ever expanding musical repertoire focuses on jazz tunes and songs of the 1920‘. An old pop tune “Pretty Baby” may appear on the program along with more obscure numbers like “The Merry Widow’s Got a Sweetie Now”. Tom Barnebey – Leader, Cornet, Trombone, Piano, Vocals, Kazoo, Ukulele Robert Young – Bass Sax, other Reeds, Vocals Ken Keeler – Banjo, Guitar Pete Main – Clarinet, Sax (Soprano, Sopranino , Alto), Sarrusophone, Ukulele, Duck Call